Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Star Wars Choices of One: Grave Shooting from his Bacta Tank

I missed a day, but that's to be expected I suppose. Technically this is being posted two days after the last drawing, but that's only because I went to bed immediately after work on Tuesday, and woke up at 1am on Wednesday to do all of my normal Tuesday-evening stuff.

Just before doing my drawing for today, I finished reading Timothy Zahn's latest Star Wars novel, "Choices of One," which features the same group of five stormtroopers he featured in one of his other recent novels, "Allegiance". The book was really quite good, and just before the end there was a scene where the stormtroopers were pinned down.
Abruptly, the last two survivors seemed to wake up to what was happening. They boths pun around, dropping down with their backs to the kegs, their weapons tracking around to their rear...
Toward Grave, lying in his now-open-topped bacta tank, the blaster he'd concealed as the attackers ran past with barely a glance braced against the edge of the opening. His weapon spat one last shot, with his usual deadly accuracy, and one of the two aliens collapsed to the floor, his own final bolt shattering another piece of wall.
The drawing is somewhat off from what the book describes. The gun isn't braced against the edge of the tank, and I'm pretty sure the tank in the book was horizontal, not the more standard vertical, but meh. This is what I pictured so it's what I drew.

While it doesn't look great, I'm somewhat happy with it. Drawing people from the side has always been difficult for me, but I think this turned out well. Particularly the shape of the character's head. The arm he's leaning on would look a lot better, I think, if I had moved him over in the tank a bit. But still, it doesn't look abysmal.

Guns are difficult to draw. I've never liked drawing them because of that.

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