Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ascendant Crusade: Orcish Herald of the Crusade

In my Ascendant Crusade campaign, the villain is a woman named The Whispered Queen. Among her many forces is a tribe of orcs which I actually detailed quite thoroughly. They're called the Tribe of the Wolf. The Queen was so impressed with them that when she subjugated them, she made their chieftain a member of her honor guard, and brought the rest of the tribe to the Citadel of the Seed to serve as its defenders. This particular orc is a standard bearer, and is lazing against a nearby wall as he waits for the troops to assemble for an upcoming offensive.

I'm really, really not happy with this. A few times I considered scrapping it, but that's not what this project is about. This project is about improvement through volume. So, yes, I drew something shitty. I also got more practice, and hopefully learned a few things not to do.

I'm not entirely upset about the standard itself, though. I designed it several years ago. It never looks great, because hands are difficult, but this simplistic style doesn't look awful.

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